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A new member in the Artegis team & Artegis at the BOE International 2010

With its new team member, Silke Maria Hock from Germany, Artegis aims to increase the presence of its web based multilingual event technology system, Regis, in the German-speaking market.

Ms Hock has over five years of working experience in the event services and business development."We look forward to showing you how simple it is to use our flexible tool Regis, which is adaptable for any industry", says Silke.

Artegis is presenting Regis to the German market on January 20-21 2010, Stand 8050 in Exhibition Hall 8 at Best of Events in Dortmund. Best of Events is an international trade fair for event live marketing, event services & congress and is Europe's leading trade fair in this industrial sector.

Curiosity, inspiration and innovation are the driving forces of the BoE exhibition business. Thousands of visitors from the event sector, from agencies to industries, will be present at the exhibition, keen to discover new technologies. To improve their event business, Artegis can offer them - thanks to its high level of technology expertise - its system Regis, which can handle all aspects of events.

BoE website:

From January 20 to January 21 2010, visit Artegis at Best of Events in Dortmund, Exhibition Hall 8, Stand 8050!


BOE 2010 Report

1. How did your participation in the BoE go? Did it meet your expectations?

I would like to say a big thank you to all the visitors who honoured our stand with their presence at the Best of Events 2010 in Dortmund. It was a great success; we were able to attract the attention of visitors and exhibitors to the Regis events management system. A good number of visitors were delighted to discover that Regis is available in several languages. The versatility of the operating system functions was particularly appreciated. The new One to One Meeting had an excellent response. It was important for visitors to have an individual demonstration of the Look & Feel system specially designed for businesses. Thanks to our Regis system, each event planner can quite simply organize the Look & Feel for his events.

Furthermore, enthusiasm was almost tangible when we explained that the minimal renting costs were calculated based on registration. The help system is designed so that users can use Regis without even basic technical knowledge. This, together with the containment of costs, was very well received.

We were pleased to present our events management software tool, which is unique in its field, to the German market. We are delighted to make our clients' work easier with Regis.

2. How did the German-speaking professionals react to the Regis presentation at the fair?

Reactions were very positive. Artegis is a pioneer in the events industry. For more than 10 years, Regis has been used for management and registration during events. At the Best of Events fair 2010, suppliers for event management IT solutions like Artegis were presented for the very first time. That is why we are pioneers, yet again.

The management of online subscribers is a topical issue in the events industry. The time limits imposed on organisers are becoming shorter and shorter and the events are more and more complicated. Organisers must be able to anticipate changes. A reliable and proven tool like Regis is able to respond to today’s requirements. With it, anybody can plan an event in the blink of an eye. The enthusiasm generated by a management solution such as Regis is enormous.

3. At the event, did you discover any technologies that could potentially interest future Regis development?

During discussions held at the event, we did think of new applications to add to the system, particularly as regards ticketing.

4. Do you plan to take part in the next BoE in 2011?

Our participation in the Best of Events 2011 has already been planned. Our objective is to strengthen our presence in the German-speaking market. And we will be delighted to meet any German-speaking customers within the framework of customised discussions at the next trade fair in 2011.




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