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Invoice alias

The Invoice ID used in Regis can be replaced with your own numbering of Invoice ID. A sequence if ID can be defined for each event or globaly for your account.


Attendance day

The day of attendance of participant can be registered whenever the participant register. Specific registration fees can be setup for single attendance days or multiple attendance days. Reporting  on the effective attendance days can be produced by Regis. 


Bar code scan validation

The badges can be printed with a bar code using Regis bar code ID's or using the confirmation ID. Scan the badges at the  entrance and instantly check online if a participant has paid and if she/he is allowed to attend today!


Prepaid fees

Regis can be purchased with important discount when the registration fees are paid in advance for one year. Prepayments are valid for 15 months allowing for a maximum budget flexibility. This make your invoicing from Artegis simpler especialy for companies managing hundreds or more of events per year.


Artegis invoice setup

You can now access online your account of prepaid registration fees.




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Copyright © 2001 - 2024 Artegis. All rights reserved. Artegis, Rue du Marché 5, CH-1260 Nyon. event management system

Copyright © 2001 - 2024 Artegis. All rights reserved. Artegis, Ch. du Vallon, 18, CH-1260 Nyon. event management system