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A new matching mechanism has been developped in Regis. Previously, only the exact matching names could be find in the list of participant to search for duplicate registration. The new system is more powerfull and will also detect almost identical name where  names were not spelled identically. 



Member database

The member database functionality have been further developped. The member databadse from Regis is a permanent database of your contacts. This is different from the event database that has only a limited usage within an event.

Using the meber database, you can invite member to attend a meeting and followup their response.

It is now possible to populate the member database using the participants from various events. Using the matching system, participant that registered in multiple events can be detected and can be matched with the member data. In the member database framework it is then possible to view the attendance of a participant to various events.


Email in HTML and txt

Email can be send in both HTML and txt for the mailer that has HTML deactivated.
For instance, it allows you to have a simple txt email that contain a link to a web site page with images while a more sofisticated HTML email can be sent. 


SMTP server

Each customer can now send email using its company SMTP server, assuming that this server can be accessed on Internet. Some limitation with the email sent by Regis can be overcomed with this new possibility. 


Abstract management

A new interface has been developped to manage abstracts and set them into session while the oral presentation start/end time can be set.


External login and URL Path

External login can be associated to an url path. For example, an external login can be associated with the URL path "leader/2006". Then the url can be used to access directly the event web site with the profile of the external login. This is completely equivalent to an access using the login name and password.


Questions with mandatory answers

Questions as well as activity's questions can be set with mandatory answers".
An aleert message will popup when the answer has not been provided in the drop down menu or text field"




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