Groups and sub groups

Whole trees of subgroups can be set up now. If a participant becomes a member of a group, she is automatically registered in all parent groups of that group. 


Institutions and functions

The member database allows now to manage institutions. Members can be linked to institution with functions such as president or CEO... A directory book of members with function can be generated using various filters.


Fees and groups

Each group can now have its own custom registration fee. When no specific fee is set up, the default registration fee for the event. is used.


Languages support

New languages have been added to the languages list and a procedure to add new languages has been set up. The administrator part of Regis  may now be configured to use languages.



Our databases have been migrated to UTF-8 allowing any character set to be used inside Regis.


Standby database

For better security, a standby database server is now set up allowing a full mirror of the main database. It is now a question of minutes to switch from the main database to the standby database if something bad happens.


New look and feel

A new look and feel system is now available on demand on the system, allowing full customization through cascading stylesheet. Your company look and feel can now be better matched inside Regis.


Custom countries

Each event can now use custom lists of countries. If you do not want the full list of countries or if you want some country to have a different name than the one defined by ISO, you can change it.


Participant activities setup

Specific activities such as meetings can now be booked/created by participants. These activities appear in the personal agenda of the requestor and of any participant registered to that activity.




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Copyright © 2001 - 2024 Artegis. All rights reserved. Artegis, Rue du Marché 5, CH-1260 Nyon. event management system

Copyright © 2001 - 2024 Artegis. All rights reserved. Artegis, Ch. du Vallon, 18, CH-1260 Nyon. event management system