Newsletter spring 2005

Newsletter highlights

Abstracts edition, management & exports improvements

New features include:
  • Word count and limitation in editor.
  • Cut & paste of abstract from MS Word into the editor.
  • Export abstracts proceeding in .doc format (MS Word) in addition to PDF.
  • Comments and proposal of sessions by referee for team reviews
  • Anonymous scoring.
  • Additional filtering options in abstracts lists

German translation

Regis is now available in German for your customers.


Badge Letters

Invitation letters can now include both a conference badge with a barcode and confirmation letter.


Badge system improvements

You can now select your preferred font, the size, capitalise each of the fields and include different colours!
Any ttf (true type font) or printable colours can be added on request.


Fees, Groups & Companies

The registration fee can be associated with groups or companies, e.g. with a reduced fee for students. Also, you can now have a drop down menu in the registration form so participants can select his/her company from a list .


Online HTML editor

A basic html editor has been implemented to allow you to quickly create your information pages without having to be an expert in writing web pages.

features included: *

  • Rich text edition (bold, italic, underlined, ...)
  • Font type and colour selection
  • Create hyperlinks
  • Insert pictures
  • Tables creation, text alignment and more


PDF invoices can be personalized using templates. Invoices can be directly printed or automatically sent to the participants by email.


Hotel management

Create your own hotel database use it when you create your events, define commission, mark-ups, VAT and use to generate Global rooming list.


Participant management

New filters and column positions allow you to fully customise your Excel reports.


Artegis new customers

IATA Sign again for their worldwide events

New partnership with Lausanne Tourisme CH

National Cancer Research Institute UK

Health Protection Agency UK

Arnauts & Partners bvba BE

RS Live UK

Facilitate UK





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