Abstracts edition, management & exports improvements

New features include:
  • Word count and limitation in editor.
  • Cut & paste of abstract from MS Word into the editor.
  • Export abstracts proceeding in .doc format (MS Word) in addition to PDF.
  • Comments and proposal of sessions by referee for team reviews
  • Anonymous scoring.
  • Additional filtering options in abstracts lists


Mobility & wireless communications during your events and meetings.

During your next event, you and your staff will communicate from any location within the event area, hotel, congress centre etc. through a handled pocket PC with your event management system.

Artegis Events Technologies can offer this fantastic combination of "Regis", a truly web based Event Management application, with any pocket PC having a wireless connection!

Throughout the event, your staff will be able to check, in real time, information such as last minute name changes or new registrations, updates of agenda, confirm and modify arrival and departure dates/times, etc. For example, hostesses at the welcome desk or the conference organiser moving to different areas of the conference location will be able to send badges to the printer or simply modify a one-to-one meeting and inform all persons concerned within a minute. You do not need to limit your services for the participant to the welcome desk!


How does it work ? "Regis" our event management system exists in a handled Pocket PC version. The staff communicates information to each other and accesses the database of the system with simple interfaces, sends e-mails, sends messages to mobile phone, views, modifies or registers any type of information related to the participants with a handled Pocket PC.

There are obvious advantages for your staff to gain mobility while they continue to access their event management tool and database. Nevertheless, during high-tech events, the handled Pocket PCs are also used to provide event information, personal agenda, evaluation forms, or even a voting system during the presentations of a speaker!

The same infrastructure can be used as a security control or to monitor the access to the various halls and rooms of the conference.


Evaluation &/ Feedback Forms

Your staff can easily create evaluation Forms or Feedback Forms with various questions types without technical knowledge's. Participants can complete or modify these forms electronically during or after the event, while you get continuous results of the evaluations in an excel spreadsheet!


Messages for mobile phones (SMS, texto)

Personalised messages can be sent to mobile phones including the name of the recipient as well as other information from the system database. Similarly to the e-mails sent from the system, messages can be based on a template that is sent to one or several participants in one action.


Block Orders & Telecom 2003

Geneva will welcome this year in October the World Telecommunications Exhibition and Forum show (Telecom 2003). TELECOM is recognized as the Olympics of Telecommunications, everybody important in the Telecommunications society attends TELECOM, from service providers and operators to governments and the leaders in manufacturing and industry. During that period hotels in Geneva and surroundings sell only room allotments for defined periods. Hotels are sold out since 1999 and no individual traveller will find a single accommodation.

Artegis' Event Management System offers the possibility to manage block orders, e.g. a number of rooms for a given period, a number of gala dinners, entrance tickets etc.

Quick overview of this feature: Block of proposed room allotments can be ordered or purchased by a coordinator, event manager, country representative, etc. Individual participants can be registered within the ordered room block. Their registration automatically decreases the availability from the room block after having filled in the participant registration form.

Extra-nights within the general purchased hotel allotment can be ordered as well.


Frequently asked questions

Several questions concerning the article from the previous newsletter regarding the "Abstracts submission, conference program & proceeding" have been selected:

Q: Can you publish special characters ?

A: Yes, many Scientifics symbols as well as Greek letters are available in the current version of the Artex online editor. Should other specific needs be required, we can easily enhance the list of the special characters.

Q: Can you provide a system in Greek?

A: Yes, upon request we can configure part of the system or the whole system in various languages and character sets.

Q: Can you insert tables in the abstracts ?

A: yes, you can insert tables as well as images.

Q: Does the conference program and abstract book contain the author indexing to produce a camera-ready file for the publisher?

A: Yes, Artex copyrighted editor allows Artegis to fully control the abstract format and fonts. This is a unique feature for abstracts submitted with an online editor, allowing to "view what you type" with the special characters!

Q: How do you manage oral presentations and poster sessions?:

A: A simple interface allows administrators to select abstracts for oral or poster presentations and to decide in which session they should be presented. The decision can be based on referee recommendations per category of abstracts. The oral presentation timing can be set automatically by the system in order to produce a final program, including coffee breaks and other activities.




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