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Look & feel

The look & feel (appearance) of Regis can be modified to match that of your company web-site. This could previously be done only by a specialist. Today anybody can change the color scheme of Regis to match the event's colors with one click of the mouse.



Badges can be configured to fit any paper or pre-cut paper. You can quickly preview badges in HTML, provide an access to each participant's own badge.

You can also modify names and font size individually in order to fit any long names onto your badge.A logo can be included as well as different color bars for different groups of attendees. Attendee photos and a security bar code can also be included on request allowing the badge to be used as an event ID card.


Billing & credit cards

Credit card payments can be made securely on-line by delegates worldwide round-the-clock, 7 days a week. Regis operates in 3 different modes for credit card use:

  • online transaction when the attendee registers.
  • offline transaction by the administrator with possible deposit and final transaction
  • without transaction. The transaction is executed manually and the credit card number is kept for the hotel to use its own system.


Keeping track of costs is essential and Regis allows you to view income at all times.

Various budget reports are provided for different aspects of an event, such as room allocation and activities. Billing reports are available to monitor progress throughout the event, including features such as the automatic calculation of cancelation fees and penalty costs.



Reporting has been considerably enhanced in Regis. Now you can upload your favorite excel template with your choice of columns and your own logo. With one click you can fill this template with Regis data, make a rooming list for the hotel, transportation etc.



In Spring 2004, Artegis signed an agency sales agreement with the Mission group based in the UK to resell Regis and to provide training in the UK and Scandinavia.




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