Newsletter summer 2004


Regis in English, Spanish & French

In just one click, your customer can change the language of Regis, your event management tool. Select either a single language, or give your customer a choice. Translation from English to Spanish and French is available already - ask for other languages and we will develop the translation. The final touch, bringing you closer to your customers.


Automatic invoicing on-line

On-line registration already saves you a lot of time, providing automatic hotel booking and rooming lists, personal agendas, badges etc. In one click you can now produce final invoices with your own logo, invoice number, VAT etc. Adapt the invoice template to your needs and the system will produce the Excel file - all you'll have to do is print it or send it to your customers by e-mail.


Artegis customers

Artegis is pleased to enlarge and consolidate its cutomer base with MS promotion SA (Verbier, Switzerland), Alcoa Switzerland, University of Cambridge, Hythiam USA


PME Magazine

The latest edition of PME magazine, Switzerland's periodical for small and medium-sized companies, presents the Artegis success story and introduces its new business model, where the application (Regis) is leased.

The perculiarity (beauty/ distinctive feature/ hallmark) of this model is that it is adapted to Web-based applications and allows small and medium-sized agencies - who perhaps have no IT specialists - to use state of the art IT services with maximum availability and security at surprisingly low cost.

This model is not restricted merely to smaller companies - it works for the largest companies as well!

read the article (pdf)




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Copyright © 2001 - 2024 Artegis. All rights reserved. Artegis, Rue du Marché 5, CH-1260 Nyon. event management system

Copyright © 2001 - 2024 Artegis. All rights reserved. Artegis, Ch. du Vallon, 18, CH-1260 Nyon. event management system