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Setup an event website and add a widget like an event countdown

The time before the event starts can be displayed on an information page by inserting a special code into the source code of the online editor. You will find the code in the Regis online user guide. Search "Countdown" and copy and paste the code into the source code of the relevant information page at the point where the countdown will be displayed.

When you have inserted the code its important to change the dates accordingly to your event. And you will be able to customise the background and text colour of the countdown corresponding to the layout of the event.


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Add photo galleries to your Regis Events

You can easily add photo galleries in Regis for various topics.

First, create a photo gallery and a navigation button that is linked to it. Then, upload your photos and use Regis to resize them and to create thumbnails. Thumbnails are reduced-size versions of pictures used to help in recognizing and organizing them. The resizing and the thumbnails are important to make your photo gallery easy to access and very fast to download.

Photo galleries constitute a very handy means to keep visual memories of events you have organized or attended. Furthermore, on the one hand you can freely add written comments to each of the uploaded pictures. On the other hand, it is quite easy to save or print them after the event.

Moreover, the links directing to your photo galleries are sent by e-mail to all the participants by the event administrator. The participants can also use event photos as high added value elements in their communication actions to their clients and partners.


The new Regis Translation Tool

A new interface has been developped on Regis to help you managing translations.

Regis translation tool has many advantages, as the one of giving a really worldwide scope to your event.

Thanks to it, you can reach a higher number of participants at the international scale. It is more user-friendly and very efficient.
Furthermore,organizing events in different languages contributes to create a positive and attractive image of corporate open-mindedness.

Regis event management system has default translations. In addition, the text can be overwritten at various levels.

First, at the system translation level, you can re-define your text in various languages for all your events.
Login as "sysadmin", go to configuration > language and click on "new translation tool".

It is also possible to translate your text for a single event. Login as "event administrator", and go to configuration > events ^ languages, then click on "new translation tool".

Last but not least, a specific translation can be made for navigation buttons, registration forms and activities.
You just have to select the "language(s) used for the event" in configuration > events > languages.
Then, an additional description field will be provided in the interface for the registration form, activity or navigation buttons.




Differentiate participants with invitation codes

You can define codes and enter them in Regis. It allows you to distinguish participants! A code signify for example a discount price for the event registration fee or even for a free participation at the event. You are also able to check how many participants are registered for each code.

Firstly you have to define different groups. Go to configuration > groups > new group. When a group is created you enter the codes in Regis.

Send the codes with the event-invitation to the participants! And when the participants are ready to register, they click on the button “Registration” and are asked to enter their code in a free field. The participants who have a code enter it and a new page is generated so that they can go on with the registration. Those who have for example no code just click on the button "register here" and proceed to their registration.



RSS Feeds

Keep in touch with your clients and visitors

In the idea of creating constant added value for our clients and all the users of the Regis platform, we are pleased to announce the latest feature that allows to create your own RSS feed for your event.

With that new tool, you will be able in a few clicks to keep your participants informed about the latest news from your event or from your company, in real time. Really easy to use and consult for the receiver, the RSS technologies are widely used by corporations and major media companies like the BBC with their "latest news" feed in RSS.

Technically, the set of your own RSS feed is really fast and easy, just a few clicks away. Start by logging in your event as an "event administrator", then select the "create a feed" option and then, once created, add your first entry with the content you wish to share. When the news is ready for publication, click on the "publish" button to authorize the publishing.

Once this is done, you need to inform the participants that they can subscribe to your news feed. This can be done in a click, by adding the appropriate "tag" in the Regis information pages. The participants can then subscribe to your RSS feeds and follow your news in their favorite feed reader.

The same service has been used to create our own corporate newsfeed, to provide you all our latest info on the company, the new feature of the platform and the latest improvements. To keep in touch with us, subscribe to the RSS Artegis news feed or to the Atom Artegis news feed .

Additional Technical Information

What is the RSS?
RSS (most commonly expanded as "Really Simple Syndication") is a family of web feedmats used to publish frequently updated works in a standardized format. See the rest of the information of Wikipedia on RSS feeds:

How to follow RSS feeds?
RSS feeds are to be read via an RSS reader. It can be a client application on your PC or Mac desktop (FeedDemon, FeedReader, NewsGator) or be part of your services within your Google or Yahoo account. With Firefox, you can also use live bookmarks to see the news in your browser bookmarks or toolbar.


Improve networking before and during your events with Regis

A brand new option on Regis now enables you to add a networking page.

This page is an up-to-date events communication tool! It is possible to include a profile for each of the participants and contributors involved in your event. The standard profile could for example consist of a summary CV and a photo.

The networking page also enables participants to contact other participants by e-mail via the Regis server without the addresses being made public. This ensures that a degree of confidentiality is maintained.
The major benefit of this new tool on Regis is that it increases communication between participants before your event has even begun. Thanks to the networking page, it is easier for professional contact and dialogue to take place.





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