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Try Regis SMS service

Need to urgently contact participants of your event? Or simply need to remind them that the date of your event is not far? Try the SMS service provided by Regis!

While preparing an event or even during or after it, you may need to get in touch quickly and directly with one or several participants. Artegis can provide you with one of the best contact solutions in these cases: Regis SMS service.

Very user-friendly, this tool enables you to send individual or multiple SMS. The only things you have to do is to log as an "administrator" and to buy SMS credits if it is the first time you use the service. You can buy credits for all your events. And you can manage them in a specific account.

On top of that, Regis SMS service is not only fast, it is also quite affordable.
You usually need 1 or 2 credit units (maximum 4) per SMS, depending on the mobile phone network used by the recipient. A list of the credit units per SMS is available at the URL:

To activate your account, please download the SMS contract at the URL:

and send the contract:

by email to:
by post to: Artegis, rue du Marché 5, CH-1260 Nyon
by FAX to: +41 22 365 55 12


Your branded event management application website

Your online identity is one of the most important window displays of your activity to your clients, prospects and partners. Therefore Artegis has the solutions to get your company and your events visible on the web!

Corporate identity is a global concept matching the expression of your company personality. It includes not only production habits and staff behavior, but also communication and design processes you use.

You can have a visibly defined corporate identity through branding, trademarks and websites. This enables both public and professionnal world to spontaneously recognize and identify your company profile. Thanks to the security impression conveyed by your corporate identity, you are more likely to set up and maintain long-term collaborations.

Establishing a corporate identity doesn’t go without a presence on the web. Your website reflects not only your company philosophy, but also your clients’ identity.
Graphics, navigation buttons, all must work in harmony to make your event website a standout success.

Artegis offers you to create your branded event management application website, now available at a discount price with the highest security.

Request a package including:

Specific website branding - designed with style sheet.

Your own login page.

An url or, where YOUR_COMPANY_NAME can be "Artegis" or the name of your company.

The SSL certificate for or


Customize your event website with style sheets in Regis!

Need your website to reflect your corporate identity for your events? Let’s create your pages innovatively and impactfully by adding the style sheet functionality!

Thanks to Regis style sheet functionality, you can completely customize your event site so that it reflects your company’s visual identity. Indeed, a large choice of colors and layouts is available on the service.

Simply go to "configuration > event ^theme, select "use style sheet theme" and choose a default theme.


You also can create a personalized theme by picking out colors, sizes and so on. For more details about how to handle Regis style sheet service, go to to view our guiding video.

So as to be very attractive on the Internet, we suggest you to create a modern look for your event site. You are able to add a page header, a page top, a navigation footer and a page footer.
To use these functions select "configuration" > event ^theme > "insert comments".
Thus, you can configure for exemple your page header as well as your navigation page footer. A "navigation footer" could be a text information about your event, or a "page footer" could be the sign © for copyright.



Find out in Regis when your email gets read and much more

Have my emails got read? Haven’t they fallen into the recipient’s spam box? Want to prioritize emails? Send newsletters and avoid the "out of office" notification? These are the questions every one often asks himself once an email is sent.

As an event planner, you may have to write numerous emails. The best way to ensure they are well received and read is to use return receipts and delivery notifications.
It's great for your event business as it allows you to stay on top of emails that require timely replies. If you are someone on the go who requires quick turnaround for your email correspondence, Regis email notification service might be just what you're looking for to network your world.


Set a priority to the email you send with Regis. Avoid the "out of office" email bouncing back when you send newsletter by setting the priority to "newsletter".


Checking the Ask for return receipt box adds a parameter in the sent email so that the recipient is asked if he wants to send a confirmation of reading to you. In case you do not receive a confirmation, it does not mean that the recipient has not read the message, just that he did not sent the acknowledgement.

 Return Receipt


The Delivery Status Notification asks for the server receiving the email to send an acknowledgement of distribution. The possible values are NEVER, SUCCESS, FAILURE and DELAY. If the value is left empty, the system will default on FAILURE.

See below the meaning of these options:

Do not send any delivery status even if the message could not be delivered.

Send notification if the message could not be delivered and the server will not retry to deliver it.

 Failure Email Exemple

Send notification if the message has been delivered to the recipient’s mailbox.

 Success Email Exemple

Send notification if the message is delayed but might be delivered later.


Chat room and forums in Regis

You can now easily setup a chat room or forums in Regis for all the participants or for a group of participants.

The chat room is a page where you can share short messages that are kept for some time in the page. Each person attending the chat room is announced in the message log.The chat room presents many benefits. For instance, it can enable participants to find other participants to organize transport to an event and/or to the hotel. The chat room may also be used to publish some details and comments about ongoing events.

You also have the possibility to setup a forum to allow the participants to share their thoughts on a specific event topic. For example you can launch a subject to get their impressions. All messages are kept in the message log and no attendance message is printed.




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