Newsletter spring 2011

Find out Regis new email features!
To reduce your work we optimised the email sending possibilities.

The latest feature:
Email alert message to the email sender address if the email recipient address is wrong.
An email which couldn't be delivered and get stuck in the Regis email out-box stays highlighted in red. The sender will now receive 12 hours after the sending an alert message with the following content:

Dear Regis user,

This is REGIS / Artegis automatic email system.

The following email to <...> on <...> could not be delivered because of an error and has been moved to the sent folder.

Kind regards,
Artegis Team.

More recent email features to be discovered:

  • Ask for return receipt.
  • Set delivery status notification.
  • Set email priority.
  • Send email with an attached PDF file you have designed in configuration > info files > PDF files.
  • Click the check box with the last invoice and send the invoice with the participant personalised data.
  • Click the check box send once to each address. This email is sent only once to each address, whatever the content/time.

Send participants their last invoice with the confirmation email.


Regis Abstract Tool

Regis offers working solutions to improve your communicating resources in terms of abstract submission, sessions and session proposals.
Regis allows registration and abstracts submission in the same time.

With Regis participants are able to register to an event and submit their abstracts in the same time with one login. An abstract is a brief summary of a research article intended to establish a fast and easy communication between users. The abstract submission feature provides online abstract submission, abstract assessment by referees, online conference program and abstract book publishing.

The session concept is a grouping feature that allows sorting abstracts in a conference programme. As soon as abstracts are added in one or several sessions you can manage presentation times for each abstract, after setting timings for the sessions.

Session proposals allow users to propose sessions to the conference organisers. The number of chair people and speakers can be configured as well as submission period. Moreover the system integrates extra features such as sessions merging.

For accessing these different Regis features, you have to contact Artegis for activating your account.


IMEX '11 - Don't just meet the world. Move with it.

For anyone working in the incentive travel, meetings and events industry, IMEX '11 is more than just an important date in the calendar. It's also an excellent occasion for networking with some of the most influential players in the field - and not to mention, taking advantage of golden business opportunities.

From May 24 to May 26, visit Artegis at IMEX'11 in Frankfurt. Booth D785!



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